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Some Chic Ideas You’ll Love to Experiment With Your Jean Shorts

designer jean shorts for womenSummers are here and the time has come to flaunt your sexy legs in those designer jean shorts. But, don’t you think wearing them in that same old style will make you look boring. Definitely yes, so here are some chic styling thoughts to give an edge to your shorts this season.

While you can’t wear them for office or some other formal occasion, however these are likely the most sizzling attire thing for a summer season. Being comfortable and versatile, these outfits are for all those who love simplicity and want to flaunt their casual look. They are sleek, fun loving and will add an additional appeal to your personality when worn on sunny beaches, wild parties and camps and so on. So without much ado, go for the below listed styles and ideas for an extremely trendy jean shorts look.

Look Glamorous in That Beach Add-ons: Retro look never looked so attractive. Wear your jean shorts with those beautifully outlined kaftans and shoes and accomplish that cool and refreshed beach look for a stunning persona.

A Flirtatious Appeal with a Sporty Touch: Blend your jean shorts with your converse sneakers and add some vibrant colors to your bag for a more dramatic look. The mix of these things will offer you a more youthful and simple look. Create your aura which is a perfect mix of flirty and sporty characters.

Timeless Look is What Gets the Most Attention: Just keep your top basic and match it with some high heels and matching bag for that additional up-to-date and hot look. Pair your shorts with colors that are evergreen as they will impart you a more elegant and timeless appeal.

The Latest Style Trends will Make Your Shorts More Sexy: Bright colors, trendy uppers and comfy high heels, when these three gets paired up, the fashion reaches at another level. Just make people go mad about your dressing sense with these alluring style ideas.

The Latest Style Trends will Make Your Shorts More Sexy: Bright colors, trendy uppers and comfortable high heels, when these three gets matched up, the design comes to at another level. Simply make people go mad about your dressing sense with these charming style ideas.

So, what are you waiting for? Adopt any one style as per your choice and let the world know about your voguish dressing sense.

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Plus Size Jeans Guide for Women: A Guide to the Best Fit Jeans!

We know how tough it is to shop for the best fit jeans in case of a plus size woman. Your one wrong choice can badly affect your overall personality. So it is very important to make the right selection. But, this doesn’t mean that you will start assessing your body type every now and then. For a complete look, you just need to keep some selection tips in your mind. And, this blog post beautifully outlines some of the important points from the guide to the plus size jeans for women, which will definitely help you in picking up the apposite jeans.Jeans for plus size

Here is how you must do the selection of your favorite jeans:

  • Size Considerations are a Must: Before getting into specific looks, make sure you pick the right size. Mostly, women overlook this factor and live with this misconception that everything suits on them. So this should not be the case and you must check your size properly. No doubt, jeans have to be a bit tight, but it should not cut into your flesh and look awkward.

  • Know the Rise of Your Jeans: Here rise of your jeans means its length from waist to crotch. Since close fit jeans work best for the plus size woman, so they should always go with a more conservative rise. This type of a selection is not only comfortable, but also attractive. There is a range of jeans varieties which one can choose from and this covers ultra-low or low-rise, high-waisted types and mid-rise or classic waist.

  • Choose As Per Your Body Proportion: As all plus size women can’t be the same, so there can’t be one jeans type for all ladies. Everybody has different proportions and structures. Therefore, it is vital to know your complete body statistics before investing in any jeans collections.

  • Keep a Balanced Choice: Balancing your body type according to the right fit will minimize your bulky areas and highlight your smaller body portions. All this will in turn enhance your overall appearance, offering you the best look.

Hence, in this way, the discussed guidelines will help the plus size women in shopping for the best fit jeans and will make them flaunt their assets to their best advantage.

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